SVL Series 400-1000 CNC Vertical Lathe Machine Supplier

Heavy Duty Series

  • SVL-400
  • SVL-600
  • SVL-800
  • SVL-1000


Sahil Alloys and machine tools enhance CNC VTL vertical turning lathe machine that is used for a respective production of duplicate which by their nature of cutting process are usually interchangeable. The construction of this machine has minimized any misalignment or out of suaveness to provide high accuracy. Apart from this, more specification is the maximum swing and turning diameter varies according to the specified capacity of the machine. The vertical turning lathes solution capable of meeting and production needs. The RAM head pulls the hydraulic power and to protect the accurate positioning and firm clamping with Automatic tool change (ATC), the number of tool position and cross- section of RAM. The Ram head pulls the T-bolt with hydraulic power to clamp tool holder. To insure error free location and firm clamping of tool holder, Curvic coupling is used between the ram and tool holder. The bottom of double column is steady on both floor and the table base, and the top is fixed against the top beam. However the inclusive construction design is acceptable for heavy loads and heavy duty cutting. Tool holder clamping process of the VTC series is the pull-stud bolt type. To accept both turning and milling tools, the Ram is designed to hold ISO.50 spindle taper. The range of table speed is 3-300 rpm to 3-150 rpm and moreover, it is 2-step change gear speed. This machine is using consequence can be made on own creativity and it is trouble free to utilize.


Standard Accessories

  • Complete splash guard
  • Table with manual 4-jaw chuck as spec.
  • Protection door
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Work light
  • Warning light (R/Y/G)
  • Workpiece counter
  • Coolant system with tank(3 bars through tool holder)
  • Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet
  • SVL-1000 fixed type crossrail
  • Leveling bolts & seat pads



  • Hydraulic chuck
  • High power motor than spec.
  • Air conditioner for electrical cabinet
  • Power transformer, external
  • Oil skimmer (Disk type)
  • Tool holder base
  • Tool presetter
  • Linear encoder of X/Z axis
  • Lubricant chiller for spindle bearing & gear
  • Vertical travel (Z axis) to raise travel is variable
  • Hard jaws of hydraulic chuck
  • Live spindle with c-axis
  • Through coolant
  • Dual gear box for tool live spindle
  • Chip conveyor, scraper type
  • SVL-1000 travel type crossrail
  • CNC Controller 18i-T (model C series)
  • Turnkey solution


Condition New

Additional Information

Product Code SVL-400 - SVL-1000

Technical Specification

Model UNIT SVL-400 SVL-600 SVL-800 SVL-1000
Swing Over Bed mm 550 750 950 1150
Max.Turning Dia mm 400 600 800 1000
Max.Turning Length mm 400 400 400 400
Max.Work Piece Weight kg 300 600 900 1200
Spindle Nose   A28 A211 A211 A215
Chuck Size mm 350 450 500 600
Front Bearing Bore mm 120 160 200 240
Spindle Motor kw 11/15kw 11/15kw 15/18.5 18.5/2
Spindle Speed rpm 0-1500 0-1500 0-1200 0-600
ATC/TURRET - - - - -
Number of Tools   8 8 8/12(OP) 8/12(OP)
Max.Boring Bar Dia. mm 32 32 50 50
Tool Cross Section   25 25 32 32
X Axis Travel mm 250 350 450 550
Z Axis Rapid Rate mm 450 450 450 450
Rapid Taverse X-Axis m/min 20 20 20 20
Rapid Traverse Y-Axis m/min 20 20 20 20
Control System Fanuc/Siemens Fanuc/Siemens Fanuc/Siemens Fanuc/Siemens  
MACHINE BODY - - - - -
Machine (L X W) mm 2900x1500 3300x1700 3600x1700 4300x2000
Machine (H) mm 2900 2900 2900 2900
Machine Weight kg 3500 5500 8500 11000
Power Requirement kw 30 30 35 40